Popular kitchen herb, mint can be paired with a variety of dishes. Throw it into your morning smoothie, make a mint pesto to top chicken, or blend it into a cool dip. Aside from having great favour, mint is extremely good for your health. We have highlighted three health benefits of mint below;

It can help you cut back on sodium

 Using mint on anything from veggie (or fruit!) salads, fish, meat, and poultry can help limit the amount of salt you add to food without sacrificing taste, raising the cost, or increasing recipe time.

It's got immune-boosting benefits

 Just 1/4 cup of flavorful spearmint provides nearly half of your daily needs of vitamin A. 

The plant-based form of the vitamin helps protect your cells from damage by scavenging free radicals that can cause damage to organ tissue, helping reduce your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. 

 It's anti-inflammatory

Mint contains phytonutrients with antioxidant-like properties, which may reduce cellular damage caused by oxidative stress. What's more, the primary anti-inflammatory compounds of mint may limit the initiation of chronic inflammation.