Cheese is a dairy food made from pressed milk curds. Different varieties are made from unripened (fresh) cheese or ripened (aged) cheese.

Cheese is delicious and nutritious food that is very versatile. You can add it to other dishes or eat it by itself. It’s convenient and portable. 

Cheese contains a host of nutrients like calcium, protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B12.

  • Cheese promotes weight loss

Cheese especially parmesan contains a high amount of butyrate that helps you to stay slim.

Research suggests that it may help boost metabolism. These cheeses also encourage the bacteria in our gut to make even more butyrate, so it’s a double win.

  •  Cheese may help prevent cancer

Again the butyrate found in cheese can protect against colon cancer by nourishing the cells of your colon. It also reduces the inflammation that can damage the colon over time.

  • Cheese is good for your bones

Here is why everybody loves to Parmesan and cheddar to their diet. These popular cheese are made from milk which can help keep your bones strong. One ounce of Parmesan gives you 336 milligrams of calcium, and the same amount of cheddar offers 216 milligrams.

 That’s a good portion of the day’s needs: Most adult men require 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily.

  • Cheese is whey good for building muscle

Did you know protein-packed cheese is a smart snack for building muscle? Protein is made of amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle tissue.