Canada is a truly amazing place to visit. Noted as one of the most livable countries ever, it laws are quite easy on immigrants living within its borders. And before I bore you with boring law talk, did you know Drake, Celine Dion and Shania Twain are Canadians?  Aside the picturesque locations. Great food and amazing people, it also give us these music gods making your lives better.

Since I have been able to convince you to step sole on the Canadian soil, let’s get you started on your preparations. First off, available visas which you could apply for are Study Permits, Work Permits, Temporary Resident Visa and Permanent Resident Travel Document. Apply for the visa which suit your purposes accordingly.

Canada visa application has a new biometric feature, which begins from the 30 July, 2018. Don’t fret, calm down and let’s help you get a grip on the issue. Biometrics is simply as it sounds, a picture and fingerprints is all they need. Known as a credible tool and reliable tool for establishing identity.

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Remember they are exemptions to this rule. You would only need to take biometrics if you are applying for a visitor’s visa, study permit, work permit, asylum, permanent residence or refugee status. And it has a 10 year expiration date so you don’t need to take it every time.


Biometrics for Canada visa application cost 307.907 Ghana cedis (CAD$85) per person. And goes for a maximum of 615.815 Ghana cedis (CAD$170). For groups of a minimum of three, who apply for their work permit together will pay a maximum of 923.722 Ghana cedis (CAD$255).

Pay your visa and CVAC service charges either in person or by mail. Pay through a bank deposit in Ghana cedis to the official account number (visit for account number).


Conventionally it takes 5 working days to process your Canada visa application in Ghana, if there aren’t any additional delays.

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In the case of traveling with a child


  • carefully read the instruction

Service charge for additional services