DIY Recipes: How to make Fula drink

Fula as it’s popularly called in Ghana is a spice-infused millet dough ball.

Fula and groundnut

It is served like a drink or light porridge. Serve with a sweetener of choice and some peanuts.


250g Millet Flour

2 tablespoon Millet Flour


2 Pieces Hwentia

16 Cloves

6g Birds eye chilli (soak dried chillies in water to soften)

30g Fresh Ginger, peeled and sliced

6g local black pepper


450ml Water, divided

Sugar to taste

Milk or yoghurt ( Quantity of choice) homemade


In a saucepan on medium heat, toast the dry spices local black pepper, cloves & hwentia till it just begins to pop.


Grind together with ginger and toasted spices and chillies until smooth in a blender with little water or in an Asanka.

Mix and combine the grinded mixture with 300ml water and add to the millet flour.

Using your fingers or a wooden spoon, mix and mash out all lumps. Cover with cling film or kitchen towel and set aside for about 3-4 hours to ferment or overnight.

When ready to cook, sieve the dough mixture to remove the chaff from the mixture. Use the 150ml water to help rinse out the mixture whilst sieving.

Add in the 50g of millet flour and mix well to remove lumps.


Place the dough mixture on the hob on medium heat and stir continuously in one direction.

Continue stirring in one direction as the mixture thickens and it comes together in a ball form. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool.

Lightly dust your palms with millet flour. Scoop and mould into balls using your hands.

To serve, blend each ball with some yoghurt or kefir and some water if desired. Blend until smooth and thick.

Fura is served like a drink or light porridge. Serve with a sweetener of choice and some peanuts.


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