DIY Recipes: How to make Yake Yake

Yake Yake is a Ghanaian staple made from steamed cassava.

Yake Yake with fish and pepper

It is enjoyed with hot pepper sauce and grilled fish.


1 tuber of cassava


1 tablespoon of corn flour

Salt (to taste)


Cut cassava into smaller sizes into a bowl and soak in water overnight. Grate the cassava into a bowl.

Use a small mortar and pestle to mash the grated cassava and use a clean cloth to drain the water from the grated cassava. Squeeze till dry.

Use a mesh strainer to sieve the dried cassava into a bowl.

Add one tablespoon of corn flour to the dried cassava and sieve again. Add salt and stir.

Put some water on fire in a saucepan and let it boil.

Put a fine clean cloth into a colander and put the dried grated cassava mixed with corn flour and salt into it. Cover the saucepan with its lid and let the food steam for a while.

Remove from fire when ready and serve.

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