Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) West Africa extended a helping hand to hundreds of vulnerable children, mentally challenged, aged and Kayayei in Accra during the Easter celebration.

Participant of the 2016 cohort of YALI volunteered on the Food for All Ghana community to recover food, feed and create sustainable means of nutrition to the vulnerable.

The project which begun on Saturday, March 26, 2016, with a "share your breakfast" feeding programme at the Accra Psychiatric hospital drew 45 youth from eight West African countries to volunteer with cooking breakfast and  serving it to  all 485 inmates of the hospital.

Ceesay Binta, a participant from the Gambia expressed her willingness to volunteer on the food programme that seeks to create sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in the community.

"Food security in Africa can be attained if we look at the food wastage occurring across our food supply chain and Food for All has really showed my colleagues and I how we could address this in our respective countries. Attaining the UN SDG 2 Goal in Africa requires a collective efforts from stakeholders within our food supply chain and Food for All Ghana is  a platform that stakeholders must take advantage of to create sustainable means of nutrition."

The Executive Director of the Food for All Ghana programme, Elijah Amoo Addo also spoke about his vision to create sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in Africa through food recovery and farming.

He further stated that all humans irrespective of their race or financial background have a right to food and its only through a shared collaboration that the food for all vision can be realised. He encouraged all stakeholders within the food supply chain to support and participate in the first conference scheduled in May 2016 to create efficient food supply chain.

The Young African Leaders Initiative was launched by President of the United States Barack Obama as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. The Founder of Food for All Africa Program is an alumnus of the first cohort of the YALI West Africa RLC.​