If you and your partner find yourselves dissatisfied with the quality of your sex lives, or if you have disappointed your partner one time too many, dont reach for the blue pill just yet.

Before you panic and stuff yourself with a cocktail of libido enhancing pills or herbal concoctions that promise to make you last 12 hours, maybe what you really need to do is change your diet.

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Many foods work as aphrodisiacs and including them in your diet in the right amounts will improve your sexual stability and performance considerably.

Here are five of such foods.

1. Avocados:

Avocados contain a lot of unsaturated fats and little saturated fat, which means that they are good for your heart and arteries. They are also rich in potassium, folic acid and Vitamin B.

Thus they help keep the heart beating strong, ensuring that blood flows to all the right places. Statistics show that men with underlying heart diseases are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

2. Okra:

Okra contains iron, zinc, Vitamin B, and magnesium, a natural relaxant. All these essential nutrients are necessary for a healthy body and healthy sexual organs.

3. Ginseng:

Ginseng is a herb that has long been used to effectively treat and correct erectile dysfunction. Red ginseng has also been proved to improve sexual arousal and libido in menopausal women.

4. Bananas:

This seems apt because bananas have a phallic shape anyways. Bananas are rich in minerals and potassium that boost your libido. However one banana won't suddenly work a miracle, they must be included as part of a healthy diet over time and then they can work their magic.

5. Watermelons:

While these large fruits may be 92% water, the remaining eight percent is packed with important nutrients that are essential for sexual health.

Watermelons contain a phytonutrient that when the body breaks down, releases effects similar to Viagra by relaxing blood vessels, enhancing arousal and sexual performance.