Fishes are a fun species to live with, according to the animation film of course. However, they are not all just about making nice movies.

With over 32,000 species of fish making them the most diverse group of vertebrates, most of these species have culinary purposes. In Africa and all regions around the world, fishes are consumed as food.

Its relevance in the Ghanaian, African and world kitchen cannot be underestimated. Take a quick glance at recipes in Ghana and fishes fit the role for every scrumptious meal there is.

Kenkey instantly feels different with fried fish as its buddy. Fufu and light soup have never been this awesome with some great fish to compliment the light pepper soup. There is Waakye which certainly looks like the bougie it should when there is fried fish. The morning salad for that breakfast almost always has fish that is canned. That’s how fish reigns supreme in most kitchens.

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MAGGI Dεdεεdε

In many forms, fish has proven its usefulness for what is a necessity for most recipes. Whether dried, fried, boiled or in its raw state like in sushi, fish does what most ingredients can’t. Momoi- heavily slated and fermented fish would leave your food full of flavour. The local pungent fish concoction will transform even the most basic stocks into a deep, rich base for your kontomire and other stews. Fish, in its almost rotten state, is still a delicacy for many.

Shrimp is that amazing ancient ingredient that fills the very few gaps fish may miss. It is an essential condiment which enhances so many local and continental dishes. With shrimps, meals are never boring as it adds a magic touch to food in all its glory.

It has always been a powerful flavourer with a slightly briny fishy aroma. Whether boiled, grilled, fried or dried, shrimps add a distinctive flavour to recipes ranging from soups to stews, shito and other local dishes. Apart from being used to create flavourful dishes, shrimps grace dinner plates, serving as a perfect garnish for stimulating appetites.

Cooking will always be a part of humans. Finding creative ways to make meals better is always worth looking into. There are a host of ingredients available to go head to head with others in the culinary world.

Nonetheless, fish and shrimps have been a potent factor in the African kitchen making meals great again. 

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