It could be boredom, it could be searching for a better job, or it could be love. Hundreds of Ashantis will leave their home, heading South to Accra each week.

Back in 2013, I was one of them.

Propelled by boredom of my home, and the need to have fun adventures, I packed my bags and took a VIP to start my new life in Odorkor in Greater Accra.

I was lost, overwhelmed and surrounded by Gas and Fantes. Over the past three years I’ve found my feet, had my adventures, by mostly, I have learnt to appreciate my region.

Born and schooled in Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region, I have always thought I was missing and ‘wasting’ the greater part of my youthful days.

I thought that my age mates in other regions always had their groove on, going to beach parties, shopping at the mall and other fun trips.

Moving to the Greater Accra Region has been an eye opener for me. Never a day goes by without missing Oseikrom, my beloved city.

Ashanti Region is the hub city of all ethnic groups, we warmly accommodate people from other regions. In every constituency, people from different tribes and religions live in peace and unity. We believe relation is not only defined by blood.

From tuo zaafi to fufu, banku to fante fante, waakye to jollof rice, gari foto to gari and beans, food from all tribes in Ghana are prepared in a healthy environment and served in the high streets for my kingsmen. No wonder strangers find it difficult to leave whenever they visit because they enjoy their local favourite dishes with a different touch.

In Accra, the food is limited and expensive. There’ a lack of choice that I miss from my days in Kumasi.

When it comes to clothing, the quality and affordable ones can only be bought in Kumasi. From new clothes to secondhand ones, Kumasi girls always have a wide range of options to choose from.

Personally, in my three years in Accra, I have never purchased clothes here. Not even underwear!

Lake Bosomtwe, Manhyia Palace Museum, Komfo Anokye sword site, Kumasi Military Museum and others tourist sites can be found in the Ashanti Region.

As much as we have accepted modernization and technological advancement, we uphold our traditions and cultural heritage. Otumfuo, Ashanteman, subordinate chiefs and religious leaders are involved in decision making. We pour libations and perform certain ritual when necessary. Some of the powerful and spiritual pastors in the country are located in my region.

Let’s face it: Aside the English Language, the most popular local language is Ashanti Twi. It is the most easy to learn and understand language regardless of your mother tongue.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Prempeh College, Opoku Ware, Yaa Asantewaa, St. Louis and other award-winning school are located in the Ashanti Region. Almalters from such prestigious institutions are leaders and role models for the youth in Ghana and across borders.

The infrastructural developments are beyond measure, tarred roads, hospitals, shopping malls, market centers, clinics are all up to standard.

In my experience the price of commodities in Kumasi, even rent of houses is very affordable in Kumasi compared to some other regions.

Living in other regions is quite challenging for some of the Kumasi folks but we always find a way to settle peacefully.

For me, I moved to Accra basically to satisfy my curiosity. Life without adventures and risk taking can be considered boring. As they say, travel and see; travelling across Ghana exposed me to different cultures, different people. I had an in depth knowledge and experience of the way of life of people as I journeyed on.

Truly, I can’t call myself a true Ghanaian if I restrict my movement to my region alone.

For me, you may wonder why I bother with Accra, the truth is I have more exploring to do here. I want to have a  better feel for the capital, so when I return to my life in Kumasi, I will be look back at Accra and be able to know what I am talking about when I tell all, Kumasi beats Accra.