Fish shouldn’t be a one-night affair. However, you must store leftover the fish properly and create a new dish for your family and friends.

The first thing to know about using leftover fish: Be careful with reheating. You must use direct heat, making it very gentle and very brief.

Here are 5 creative ideas to save money and add flavor to your leftover fish.

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1. Fish pie

I don’t know about you, but fish pies are my favourite kind of pie.

2. Fish fried rice

Re-purpose leftover cooked rice by heating it up in a pan with vegetables, turmeric, and aromatics, then stir in flaked fish and greens until they're just warmed through.

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3. Fish cake

Gently combine your fish with eggs, breadcrumbs, a bit of milk , and whichever vegetables, herbs and spices strike your fancy. Cook them through in a bit of oil or butter.

4. Fish salad

What else do you want for breakfast? Fish salad is very nutritious and easy to prepare.

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5. Fish kehab

If all else fails, fish kebab is the old faithful -- just thread the fish pieces onto bamboo skewers.