No car can travel on 'the shortest highway in the world'

The highway opened in 2019 with great public and media interest.

The freak highway is actually a clever protest move [Onet]

As of 2019, Romania holds the bizarre record of the shortest highway in the world.

The road, which was inaugurated with great public interest, measures just one metre.

However, there is an interesting story behind this strange piece of asphalt.

The Romanian city of Suceava probably has the most bizarre stretch of road in the entire world. It is a piece of asphalt only one metre wide (long?) with a painted "route" on which, of course, no car will ever drive or can drive at all. Nevertheless, it is "the shortest highway in the world," as the owners and builders of this strange road put it.


The highway opened in 2019 with great public and media interest. This is because building a freak highway is actually a clever protest move.

As the BBC reported at the time, Ștefan Mandachi, a 33-year-old Romanian businessman who owns a chain of fast food restaurants, is responsible for building this "highway." Long before it was built, he was irritated by the fact that Romania had fewer kilometres of highways than almost any other European country.

In 2019, the motorway network was only 806 kilometres long. The European leader, Spain, had almost 16,000 at that time. kilometres, and Germany was in second place with over 12,000. In the Romanian region of Moldova, where Mandachi comes from, there was not a single kilometre of highway at that time.


Therefore, he founded the initiative "Romania wants highways" and built a mini highway on land that is his private property. The media and public interest in the project was enormous. Hundreds of supporters of the initiative were present at the inauguration of the highway through Mandachi.

It was sending a clear signal to the Romanian government. "We don't have a subway highway here," he said during the opening. "So I built one to show it was possible."


This article was originally published on Onet Travel.


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