Flying is the safest way to travel. the chances of you being onboard an aircraft that crashes are infinitesimally small. In fact, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be in an aeroplane crash. 

Plus they are surprisingly affordable. Lets burst these common myths to pave way for a more enjoyable flight.

You can exit mid-flight through a cabin door

Cabin door Cabin door

Stories about how a 'deranged' passenger onboard can open the cabin in the air and something terrible happens to everyone on board is a myth. In fact, no one can open a commercial aircraft door during a flight. It would require superhuman strength to open those doors.

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You will get sucked through the hole

Airplane window hole Airplane window hole

Aircraft windows are designed with holes in them to help regulate cabin pressure. Rest assured you won’t get sucked through those holes. 

Plus a bullet hole through the window won't pose any danger to the passenger expect a gunshot wound. There would be a rush of air into the cabin, followed by oxygen masks dropping. Then it would keep getting colder and louder. But that's it. No danger of being sucked out of the plane. 

Aeroplanes are scary and deadly

Airplanes are safe Airplanes are safe

Actually, it’s safer to travel by air than any other transportation method. In fact, 2017 saw no fatalities resulting from commercial airline crashes, and statistics compiled by the Aviation Safety Network reveals that even as travelling by aeroplane has become increasingly widespread, the number of fatal accidents has been on a downward spiral.