The economy may be wobbly but that shouldnt stop you from travelling. What matter is how to manage your travel fund and use it economically for a memorable trip experience.

Below are ten tips on how to travel more, even on cheap budget

  • Start by cutting off your regular spending to save more to your travel fund.
  • Don’t travel too far, you can stay close by. Sometimes, an environment friendly lodge can do the trick probably in another region.
  • You can stay with relatives in another region just to save some money and get yummy homemade food to eat.
  • Do bizcations.  You can mix business with the sightseeing especially if you intend to stay for long to earn extra cash.
  • Travel off season. You'll get cheaper things to buy and the cities are not crowded as well.
  • Most importantly, eat with the season. Seasonal foods are very affordable, fresh and tasty as well.
  • Wear a travel belt, you can save money by not losing it to thieves.

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  • If you really love travelling, then make it a career as a travel writer, crew member, travel agent and others.
  • You can also volunteer your time and expertise to organizations. You get to travel around to the world, enjoy free flight, food and lodging and other benefits.
  • Take advantage of exchange programs or go and study abroad.