5 reasons the Ashanti Region should be your next destination

The Ashanti Region of Ghana is a kingdom of gold, history, and culture.

You want to get to know locals and really feel immersed in the local culture? We’ve got you covered.

The Ashantis has a long-standing reputation of making guests feel super comfortable at home.

The aroma of their local dishes can be smelled miles before you reach their doorsteps. When is your next vacation? Spend some days in Ashanti Region and you won't  regret.

Local dishes

The women of Ashanti Region know how to impress their family and friends with their culinary skills. Whether it is an acquired skill or inherited trait, these women know how to prepare local dishes to meet individual preferences.

The people

The indigenous people of Ashanti Region are very affable, well mannered and generous. They are excellent guests and respectful hosts as well. Due to their good hospitality, people from the different region have settled in the beautiful kingdom of peace and harmony.


The Ashanti Region of Ghana is a kingdom of gold, history, and culture. Occupying a central portion of modern Ghana, the region is the cultural heartbeat of Ghana.

The rich culture of the Asante is displayed during occasions such as traditional marriages, naming ceremonies, funerals, Thanksgiving among others. The indigenes look ethereal in the traditional kente outfits, beads and native sandals for the auspicious celebrations.

Tourist sites

A visit to the Ashanti Region must include the Palace of the Asantehene, the Kumasi Fort and the Military Museum, and the Centre for National Culture and other essential tourist high spots.

The region can also boast of natural reserves such as Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary,  Bobiri Forest Reserve and its arboretum, the Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary with its seasonal waterfall, and the hills around Lake Bosomtwe.

Commercial activities

The Ashanti Region is the place you can get quality and affordable goods to buy. You can save money, invest wisely and satisfy all your needs and wants.

The region has different open markets where people from different region trade their goods. Buyers have a wide range of products to choose from at lowers prices.


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