Planning is very important when it comes to travelling to any country on your bucket list.

For the rich folks, they rely on their travel agents to get them better deals for an enjoyable vacation or business trip.

Life is too short. Just because you don’t earn thousands of Ghana cedis monthly doesn’t mean you can’t go on a vacation outside our motherland Ghana.

This article is basically for those who are hoping to travel next year December to Sao Tome.

In this article, we will highlight on 2 main things: flight and accommodation. It will also include the others things that will make your stay memorable and adventurous.

  • Flight

If you are certain about the date for the trip, it is better to book the flight in advance for a discount price.

It is not advisable to fly during festive seasons if you are sticking to your budget as the prices go high.  There are chances that you won’t find any seat available because all the flights are jam-packed.

Booking flights through travel and tour agencies has its pros and cons and if you are hoping to save some money, book online and pay with your credit card. Based on our research a round trip from Accra to Sao Tome ranges between $200 to $ 350 if you book now.

  • Accommodation

They are two options when you are looking for accommodation that is Tripadvisor and Airbnb but we will stick to the latter since we are running on a budget.

Airbnb offers hospitality; quality vacation rentals, hostel boutique and more online at an affordable price. You can get a fully furnished room from $ 12 to $40  per night.

  • Food and drink

The food on most of their menu are Ghanaian friendly although the taste might be slightly different. It is a sign of relief because you won’t sleep on an empty stomach after touring the city. They have specialties like grilled fish and chicken, fried fish, snails, rice and beans, rice and spinach stew, cocoa biscuit among others. If you can afford beer which is around $1, you can opt for palm wine.

  • Tourist sites

National Museum

Explore local history at National Museum, housed inside a Portuguese colonial fort from the 16th century. The museum collections include contemporary art, biological exhibits, and voodoo and Catholic artifacts. Built in 1575 during Portuguese rule, the fort once served as a maritime defense center.

Pico Cao Grande

Part of a national park, Pico Cao Grande is a volcanic peak remarkably reminiscent of a needle. Due to its unusual shape and thick fog, the peak remains a challenging hiking opportunity suitable only for experienced climbers. In spite of the obvious risks, the volcano attracts many brave hikers intent on conquering the summit, 668 m (2,175 ft) above sea level.

Bombaim Waterfalls

Two waterfalls in close proximity of each other, surrounded by the lush greenery of the rainforest and a chance to take a refreshing bath as the pools are deep enough for swimming.

Se Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Graca de Sao Tome

Although a modest and simple religious site, Se Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Graca de Sao Tome nevertheless represents one of the most prominent landmarks in the capital. Dating back to the 15th century, the building underwent several restorations over the years, the last one in 1956. Join the locals and the visitors who flock here to pray or enjoy the peaceful, serene atmosphere inside.

Obo National Park

Obo Natural Park or Ôbo Natural Park is a natural park of São Tomé and Príncipe, covering some 235 km² of São Tomé Island in its south and 65 km² of Príncipe Island.