5 food habits that age you

Eating habits are a major determinant in how quickly you begin to see and feel the effects of aging.

People only worry about the relationship that exists between food and weight gain but food affects the age process too.

It turns out that bad food habits, including eating sugary, fatty, refined and highly processed foods, do more than add fat to your waist, experts say, they subtract years from your life.

Nutrition, not age, determines the body’s internal chemistry, and that chemistry determines, in a large part, the quality and resiliency of virtually every organ, cell and system in the body.

Therefore, your food habits, either positive or negative, play a huge role in increasing or slowing the aging process since everything from the condition of your skin to the quality of your bone, brain and connective tissue is determined in part by what you eat.


Find out exactly what food habits affect your aging process negatively.

All of these is not to say that you can not have the occasional ice cream, but, too much of bad food habits will definitely speed up the aging process.


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