Heating a cold relationship(Pulse Contributor’s Opinion)

In this life there is always this one person with who you formerly had a very active relationship, you used to share dreams and aspirations and you trusted yourselves so much that you shared your secrets with them. Probably even as you read you haven’t heard from them in a while and that is making you feel bad and uneasy. Only if doctors healed relationships the hospital would be the most occupied place every second, humans were made not to live alone but to relate in order to survive so it is very painful to disconnect from the person you used to relate with the most. Well, there is help, I would like to be your doctor as we diagnose this sick relationship to heal it. First, in order to know what drug you need you to have to find the causes, some of the common causes of cold relationships are boredom, bad tolerance, bad habits, lack of honesty, and lack of communication. Most of the symptoms that show such as fights, divorce and the likes have their foundations being these things.


Many relationships also get stranded because they weren’t going anywhere, every relationship has goals either they are clearly known are they are personal and selfishly hidden, with time these hidden goals are seen by both parties and they find out how they were used by others to achieve selfish goals.

Since the causes and symptoms are clear we must find a way to heal this cold relationship to become a warm and vibrant one that will bring joy to both parties and those around them. Whenever there is healing there is change, therefore since no one is taking medicines here there must be a change of attitude and mindset to make everything right again.

The first thing to do is to change the angle in which you view the person, yes you were disappointed initially but if there was an apology there must be a change of attitude towards the person or he/she will spend the rest of his their lives trying to please you. Moreover, if you were also at fault you must do the necessary. This is actually the first step no matter the relationship.

Next up, you must see a relationship to be a plant, a tree specifically which grows in the hearts of men and is watered by the actions, thought, and words of each other. If you wish to make a relationship last longer you must dig deeper, your actions, thoughts, and words will depend on how deeply you relate, you must be transparent and free only then can people clear your heart for such a great tree. Also as I said, relationships are watered by actions, thoughts, and words. Even the tallest and strongest trees will fall dead when they are deprived of water for a long while so will the best relationships. You should give attention to your relationship, not too much though but enough to see it grow and also to keep weeds such as doubt and boredom kill it. More importantly, you should make sure the foundations of this relationship aren’t weak, when I say weak I mean general stuff, such as being a fellow worker, classmate, or even community member there should be deeper stuff than things when someone has many options they tend to test each one to see which one is the best, but when you are the only choice there is no choice but to stay.


If you want a great relationship you should remember it involves individuals who must both fix each other by growing together, you’ll never find the perfect fit as time goes on changes are made that’s life. Life in itself is a relationship, so try as much as possible to better yourself for the best relationships.

Samuel Hesse.

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