How to make intricate laali (henna) design for Muslim brides

Laali designs are not restricted to brides alone, however. You can also have them done for other special occasions too.

We are familiar with the beautiful laali (also known as henna) designs we see on Muslim brides, mostly from the northern parts of Nigeria.

They are usually very colourful and artfully made to beautify the bride on her big day. Traditionally, the laali is used to cleanse the bride, but nowadays, it is more of a fashion statement than anything else.

In recent years, brides from various parts of the country have started to tap into this bridal fashion, irrespective of their tribe or religion.

Unlike tattoos, the laali is temporary and washes off within a couple of days or weeks.

The general idea is for your skin to look beautiful with any of the unique lace designs.

Ever wondered how those complex, intricate designs are made? Here is short tutorial by Sunil Kumar, that will show you how to get it done from start to finish.


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