Check out art pieces from Ghanaian artist, .kojo - September 15 – 20th

In Berlin, Germany September 15 – 20th. Check out art pieces from Ghanaian artist, .kojo, whose milky glass art depicts the connection between the current, historical, anonymity and individuality; a unique expression of his personal confrontation with his Ghanaian home.

The debate on religious objects and historical works of art from West Africa forms the basis for the artworks by .kojo, a Berlin based artist from Accra.

His collages behind milky glass connect the Current with the Historical, anonymity with individuality, and are an expression of .kojo’s personal confrontation with his Ghanaian home from the Diaspora perspective.

The idea began with the research on the backgrounds of many existing masks of deceased monarchs in West- and Central Africa:

One of the many goals of .kojo’s work is to bring back the dignity of the deceased to obscure the individuality of their contemporaries. .kojo’s work will be out for viewing during the Berlin Art Week in September 2015 at six exhibition points.

This year’s project, AA Galerie, is an attempt to present contemporary African art and works from the African Diaspora in Berlin, to start the conversation on cultural dialogue.


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