"Kill the children that read Harry Potter books" - Pastor preaches

The Colorado pastor says children who read the JK Rowling books should be drowned.

Pastor Kevin Swanson

A pastor in Colorado, USA, has expressed his disgust and distaste of homosexuals and everything promoting what he referred to as the 'Satanic propganda.'

Pastor Kevin Swanson, during his speech at the "National Religious Liberties Conference," says he would rather spread cow manure over his body than watch his son marry another man;

"There are families, we're talking Christian families, pastors' families, elders' families from good, godly churches, whose sons are rebelling, hanging out with homosexuals and getting married and the parents are invited. What would you do if that was the case? Here is what I would do: sackcloth and ashes at the entrance to the church and I'd sit in cow manure and I'd spread it all over my body. That is what I would do and I'm not kidding, I'm not laughing."

His rant did not end there. He also had some issues with children who support what he describes as "Satanic, pro-homosexual propaganda like "Harry Potter";

"America, repent of Harry Potter. Repent that Dumbledore emerged as a homosexual mentor for Harry Potter.” He then advises the parents of said children, "For tens of millions of parents it would be better that a millstone be hung around their neck and they be drowned at the bottom of the sea.”

As expected, Americans were enraged at his message, with some of them making a mockery of the pastor. One Youtube user commented;

"If God will judge America for Harry Potter, but not Twilight, then He is not worthy of worship."

Swanson, after this message, did add that he will give the homosexual population some time to repent before using the death penalty against them.


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