Intriguing advantages when you become a nurse (Pulse Contributor’s Opinion)

You might be wondering: “Should I become a nurse in the future?” Well, this article will help you decide to stick around.


Who is a nurse? A nurse is simply a person who has been trained to provide care to the sick and dying. You might be in Junior High School or Senior High School and wondering if it will be a good idea to become a nurse. The article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a nurse, from which you will make your decision after weighing the options.


  • YOU CARE FOR OTHERS: Becoming a nurse allows you to care for the sick to help them get better. There is no greater reward than that.
  • RELATIVELY HIGH SALARY: Like any other job, a nurse is paid at the end of the month for personal expenses. The salary of a degree registered nurse is about GHC2,500 per month and that of a diploma nurse is about GHC1,800 per month. You can also work overtime to increase your salary at the end of the month. 
  • DISPOSITION TO OPPORTUNITIES: Being a nurse exposes you to different opportunities. You can become a doctor after some years in practice or you can travel to foreign countries to work to receive relatively high salaries
  • ABILITY TO LEARN NEW THINGS: In your daily activities at the ward or emergency room, you will interact with other experienced nurses and doctors. You will be able to learn from them and vice versa. You can even learn from the patients in your care


  • YOU WILL WORK WITH DIFFICULT PATIENTS AND CO-WORKERS: In your line of duty, you will undoubtedly come across patients who are aggressive, disrespectful, and violent. So it is important to be always aware of your actions and surrounding. Your co-workers, especially your nurse in charge can be very demanding and difficult to work with.
  • HARSH WORKING CONDITIONS: Nurse in Ghana work under unfavorable conditions. Our hospitals are less advanced and lack the equipment required to ease pressure on nurses. Also, the lack of beds and small ward capacities always keep nurses on their toes to find accommodation for incoming patients. These combined, limit nurses from executing their skills professionally. However, developed countries have better working conditions.
  • STRESS: As a nurse, you will always be tired and be under stressful situations because of incoming emergencies and a high nurse-to-patient ratio. The death of a patient under your care can even weigh you down.
  • HIGH WORKING DAYS AND LOW DAY OFFS: Nurse have long days working and only a few days not working. Some work 12 hours shifts and others, 8 hours shifts. Due to this, nurses are mostly isolated from their family and friends. In those periods, they are either at work or sleeping (due to exhaustion)

At this point, you may have decided as to whether you will continue your dream of becoming a nurse or not.

For those who have decided to continue this dream, there are fields of nursing you can pursue. They are:

  • Nurse practitioner
  • Nurse anesthetist
  • Nurse educator
  • Nurse case manager
  • Nurse risk manager 
  • Etc


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