5 Foods not to eat before making out with your partner

Ever imagine kissing a man who just ate boiled eggs, suya with much onion, cashew nuts and co?

Can bad food lead to a bad kiss?

Kissing is such an intimate act that involves partners closing their eyes, touching themselves and just live in that moment. This means the only part of the body the brain is concentrating the most on is the mouth. But when the mouth carries a horrible smell – in the teeth, gum or tongue - from the food you just ate, kissing becomes nightmare!

So, we came across five things you SHOULD NOT eat before kissing her or him.

Onion: I bet y'all would agree its a bad choice before kissing anyone... even your dog! It's great in food no doubt but kissing just can't stand onion! It has an intense smell which could take days to leave your mouth. So, we advice you not to.

Fried Grandnut and Cashew nuts: No one said these ain't good for the body or for consumption but we are telling you NOT to eat it of you know you want your french-kiss to go smoothly. They both always leave a smell in the mouth but unlike onion, a single brush can take it out asap!

Garlic and Ginger: OMG! Don't do this to your partner except you've made up your mind to meet a divorce lawyer the next day! They leave an awful smell in your mouth that during kissing, it becomes unbearable. They also can't be erased by just brushing your teeth. In fact they can last an entire day in your mouth!

Beer: I know some guys will hiss on this one but I can tell you for a fact that beverages like Guinness and Legend are not so easy to brush off. They are there to stay so if you really want to kiss that babe, please avoid beer before she arrives. Your breath could irritate her and for those whom kissing turns them on, it could be the end to that road of sex!

Boiled Egg: Oh no! It's a no no! No one should eat boiled eggs before kissing. It definitely leaves a mark on your tongue that kissing can't stand! Ever imagine someone eating boiled eggs in an enclosed car during a road trip? Then imagine you have to kiss someone after eating that!


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