Breasts are eye-catching

Ghanaian men love looking at the breasts because they are attractive and great to look at. It is the first thing men stare when they see a woman. Men regardless of their status can’t stop looking at the breast.

Breasts are flattering

Breasts are naturally curvaceous and its curviness is a symbol for womanhood which adds grace and poise to the way they carry themselves.

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Breasts turns men on

Men are easily turned when they see breast either physically or in a photo. Firm breast has the power to cause confusion and make men look awkward due to the sensual tension.

Breasts  located close to libido

Fondling and playing with them leads to sexual arousal. This is one of the major reasons why men love breasts!.

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Breast is key in foreplay

Breasts make foreplay easy and leave the woman satisfied. Foreplay is incomplete without a little fondling of the breasts.

Breast are comforting

Men always love resting their heads on breast because they are comforting and revamp relationship.