Everyone wants to be healthy including men, and in many cases, they try and take care of themselves by watching what they eat and getting exercise on a regular basis. However, we live in a society where men’s health, grooming and lifestyle is not a key topic. We’ll rather focus on bashing another woman on all the fashion and beauty mistakes she’s done but men also need to be educated constantly on the essence of looking good, living healthy and staying presentable. Here are few tips every Ghanaian men

Smell Good

Men please smell good it adds so much to your self-value. For Christ sake the horrid smell that comes from your armpit and groin area is terrible. Learn to have time for your body. Take a good bath, use lovely cologne. Women watch these things a lot so grab a new shirt and pants plus undies from your wardrobe every day. Try to iron them too, don’t make “Dumsor” an excuse. That excuse is getting lamer by the day.


No one wants to see your pubic hair in your armpit and elsewhere so do yourself the honour of shaving. Shave your penis area too and make sure is very clean. Having a great shaving culture makes you 10  times attractive.  Have a haircut at least 2-3 weeeks. There is a reason why you are a man and the lady is called a woman. Leave it at that.


Try to exercise in moderation as a man. Our bodies tend to suffer a lot of both physical and psychological abuse and exhaustion. Try to eat healthy and exercise. I’m not asking you to become hulk or get some superhero figure. Just do it in moderation.

Beard Etiquette

If you want to keep your beard or goatee to prove your beauty and fashion statement then please do but learn to keep clean.  It’s not a rubbish dump so keep out the drools and the dribble, keep out dirt. Be tidy if you catch my drift.

See your doctor

Instead of seeing the hospitals as some weird facility or one for sick people rather make it one place you frequent. Make your doctor your best friend. Constant check-up means constant meet up with a professional who will understand your heartburns or who will understand why you can’t even go two rounds of sex with your spouse anymore.

Quit  smoking

Health experts believe smoking can be a major cause of sexual dysfunction in men.  Studies have found that a majority of men who suffer from ED are smokers, and that smoking can also reduce sperm count and quality.  Smoking damages the small arteries that feed blood to the penis, making it difficult at times to maintain an erection.

Learn to manage stress in your life

You don’t own all of life’s problems and neither will your anxiety make the problems or the office issues go away. So relax, have time for yourself, go on vacation. Basically, learn to manage stressful situations very well else it’ll explode and you might get a heart attack.

Nail etiquette

Just don’t grow long nails and keep them for no apparent reason. Long and dirty nails are a breeding point for germs. It’s wise if you keep your finger and toe nails short and clean.

Make sure your feet and shoes are clean

If you thought the “Chocho or Sivorderm” commercial was so unrealistic then wait till you come across a man who has smelly feet. I honestly pity women who go through the pain of taking off their husband’s shoes after work especially the smelly ones. Here’s an unconventional way of driving away the smell- put  dry teabag in your shoes and dry in the sun, it’ll take that “dead rat” smell away.

Be a Gentleman

They say chivalry is dead but I honestly don’t think that’s the case. Treat a woman right. Learn to respect people of all race, colour, background and sex. Men stop being chauvinistic and objectifying women. A woman is just more than “sexy” or beautiful. Try to know her better and I mean have conversation than transcends the food they can cook conversation, to life expectations and her interests.  We’ll delve deeper into how to be quintessential gentleman in the 21st century in  a later article.