Even a Demogorgon straight from Hawkins, Indiana is no match for Dr. Pimple Popper. In a new Instagram video, aka, dermatologist and removes an from a patient that many fans say looks like a . The unexpected comparison was made by several fans in the comments of Dr. Lees Instagram video after the famous derm asked viewers what the specific pop resembled.

The Demogorgon, notoriously known by fans of Stranger Things as the monster responsible for killing beloved character Barb, has a gray coloring with a petal-like head when its mouth is open. Once Dr. Lee pops the cyst on her patient in this particular video, a Demogoron-like shape and color emerges from the cyst. Thankfully for this patient, the cyst isnt as havoc-wreaking as a demonic Demogorgon from Stranger Things once released. In fact, its evicted by Dr. Pimple Popper without much of a fight.

The gray cyst contents is likely a mixture of dead skin cells and , colored by the melanin content in the patients skin. Though this cyst may look like evil personified, cysts often only have to be removed for .

Just call it the Stranger Things x Dr. Pimple Popper crossover you never knew you needed.