This 5-Minute finisher is known as "dumbbell hell" for a reason

This five-minute arm drill is a great addition to your regular upper-body day, and will help you build guns you can show off and be proud of.

All you’ll need for this workout are two dumbbells—Maximus uses two 25-pounders—and some way to keep time—a cell phone or stopwatch works just fine.

Maximus says the weight of your dumbbells don’t matter as much as the reps do, so you’re better off choosing a lighter weight to ensure you can do as many reps as possible.

Here’s what you’ll do.


Lay back on a flat bench with your dumbbells like you’re getting ready to bench press, and hold one dumbbell up in the air and the other down by your side.

“It’s important that the dumbbell you’re holding down never touches your chest or your shoulders—you have to support it,” Maximus says.

Then, with the arm that’s up in the air, begin pressing for two-and-a-half minutes straight. Maximus’ advice for if your arm starts getting tired? Hold it at the top of a press for a quick break.

Once the two-and-a-half minutes are up, switch arms so that the one that was resting before is now pressing.


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