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As ET reports, the video starts with Blunt working out on a vertical knee raise machine while quipping, "Hey guys, just hanging out here at Iron Paradise. A cast who trains together, stays together." Meanwhile, The Rock is working on his arms, and as Blunt walks over to him, he begins counting "198. 199. 200," but Blunt points out that he's actually only done three.

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Blunt and Whitehall, who are both British, then start to mock Johnson's American accent. Whitehall starts with, "All me, all me. No pains, no gains," while Blunt exclaims, "Iron Paradise, just hanging out. I'm Dwayne Johnson, I like squats and shakes."

Not to be outdone, Johnson gets his own ribbing in. "Let's go watch some Quidditch, I'm Mary Poppins - yes it's cool, it's iconic, it's you," he jokes about Blunt's Mary Poppins film role.

But while he tried, Blunt tells Johnson to "never ever" do that again, and Whitehall declares "no negativity." All is forgiven by the end, and the co-stars close out the video with the hug.

Whitehall also posted the video on his Instagram page, captioning it: "Finally got let loose in the Iron Paradise. Hard work and a lot of sweating and grunting but I fully expect to wake up tomorrow morning looking like @therock .

It’s good that we’ve got to a stage now where we’ve spent so much time together that we are comfortable doing each other’s voices and Emily is calling Dwayne ‘toots’ -which he loves. Great way to start the week and makes a change from my usual gym experience which is pootling along on an exercise bike for twenty minutes whilst listening to an audiobook."

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Jungle Cruise is based on the Disneyland theme park ride where a boat takes visitors though a dangerous jungle.