If you come at Arnold Schwarzenegger, youd best not miss - especially if your insult of choice has

Schwarzenegger's latest statement against Trump came in the form of a video he made with ATTN:, in which he challenged Trump to drop his regressive coal agenda.

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When the Governator shared the video from his Facebook page, one commenter decided he felt brave. "Stick to lifting and making movies...Snowflake is a title you do not want," he wrote, from behind a computer screen.

While this was a bad move to begin with, our tragic commenter made a simple mistake: Don't try to diss Arnold and mention snow or ice or even cold, at all.

As you might recall, Schwarzenegger played Mr. Freeze in the 1997 cinematic masterpiece Batman & Robin. If you've never seen this camp classic, stop what you're doing right now and fix that glaring omission in your life. As Mr. Freeze, Arnold wasn't just large and in charge - he fired off some of the greatest cold weather puns ever uttered on film.

Arnold took the time to respond to the comment personally:

"I never mind picking up new titles. Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia, Terminator, Governor… If you want to call me Snowflake, that’s fine - it would have been a fantastic Mr. Freeze line," he wrote. "But let me give you some advice. If you’re going to call someone a snowflake because they believe in a different policy than you, you might want to look in the mirror. When you see an idea you disagree with, you can get angry, or you can learn. I’d recommend you research and learn and grow."

Instead of taking the opportunity to cheap shot the guy who dissed him, Schwarzenegger was more concerned about keeping the discussion centered on the topic at hand. He didn't take the easy way out and clap back with an ice cold response - instead, the Governator kept his cool and doled out some much-needed advice: Just chill out and stop calling people stupid names online.