Where is the Bachelor mansion?

The Bachelor mansion is located in Agoura Hills, California, and it was built in 2004. The 7,590 sq ft home sits on 10 acres, and it has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an infinity pool, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and a detached garage. It also includes a gorgeous driveway that somehow always looks wet (The Bachelor producers spray it down with water so it " looks pretty on TV "-the more you know). The current Trulia estimate for the property is $4.17 million, but in 2017 it was priced at $7.4 million .

Rachel Lindsay waits to meet her contestants on the thirteenth season of The Bachelorette.
Rachel Lindsay waits to meet her contestants on the thirteenth season of The Bachelorette.
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Who lives in the Bachelor mansion?

The property is owned by Marshall Haraden, contractor and president of The Marshall Group . He built the home for his family in 2004, and they live there full-time, except for the 42 days when ABC uses their house to film The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. And while we know the house as the Bachelor mansion, the proper name for the home is " Villa De La Vina ."

How did the mansion get involved with ABC and The Bachelor?

Reportedly, in 2001 Haraden met someone from The Bachelor's production team when they were looking for a site to shoot an unrelated movie. At the time, construction on the home had not begun, but Haraden told Us Weekly that the show's location scout told him to "give me a couple high ceilings, some extra power and some extra bathrooms, and we'll make it work. And two years later [once construction was complete], he sent an agent around."

And although he didn't expand on what happened when they met, it's clear that they kept in touch. In 2007, The Bachelor began filming at the house, and it's been the primary filming location for The Bachelor and Bachelorette since then, except for season eight of The Bachelorette in 2012, which filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina so Emily Maynard could be near her daughter.

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How does the show get ready for the batch of incoming contestants?

First off-a lot of paint. "They'll paint it to the colors they want, whether it's a man or it's a woman-Bachelor/Bachelorette, they'll change the motif," Haraden says. "They paint it back and forward a lot, so [in total the show has given it] about 44 coats of paint."

He went on to explain the full process. "Everything leaves-everything that's not tied down, that's not part of the home. Curtains, TVs, pots and pans, clothes-everything in one day goes out. And then they take two weeks to put it together the way they want it, and they shoot for X amount of days, and then they spend two weeks to put it back."

The Haraden's den is turned into the space for rose ceremonies, the sitting room is revamped into the area for elimination ceremonies, and the deliberation room is actually a bedroom.

A rose ceremony during season 11 of The Bachelor.
A rose ceremony during season 11 of The Bachelor.
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What's it like for the family who lives in the Bachelor mansion?

The Haraden family leaves the house twice each year for 42 days at a time while The Bachelor and Bachelorette are filming, and they move back in once the show moves on to hometown dates. And while they ges compensated for letting ABC use their house (and ABC pays for them to stay in the hotel during filming), it all proved to be a little too much for the family of six.

"It's definitely a hassle," Haraden said. "There's a period where we moved out for six years because it was tough on our kids. Because kids start school right when they start filming, and it would disrupt them going back to school. And then [for The Bachelorette], it's right when they're getting ready to go back to the next [semester]. So we moved out for six years to get them through middle school and get them to high school, grades 10, 11, 12, and at that point, it just didn't bother them so much. [Plus,] the hotel that we move into is only two blocks from their school."

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During that time, Haraden listed the home for sale for about $8.75 million, but it never sold and he took it off the market. And as of 2017, only one of his kids was still living at home.

And while the family is now happy in their home, it can still be a lot to deal with. Haraden told Today that, "People think that when the show's on TV, it's happening at the house. Sometimes when we come home for dinner at 9 or 10 at night, there's people outside the gate climbing over the fence or on top of their cars trying to take pictures."

Didn't the Bachelor mansion almost burn down?

Villa De La Vina went through a scary moment during the 2018 California wildfires when it was in the path of the 14,000-acre Woolsey fire. The home was spared, and according to ET , the only the damage on the property was the building that housed the home's pool equipment and air conditioning units.

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Can I tour the Bachelor mansion?

The house isn't open for tours, but you can rent it part of it out for a wedding, photoshoot, another kind of event. You can also check out the many photo tours of the house online , including one on the official Villa De La Vina website .

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