Here’s How Many Super Bowl Wins Every NFL Team Has

Here’s How Many Super Bowl Wins Every NFL Team Has
  • The first Super Bowl was played in 1967 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers
  • Since then, the league expanded from 16 to 32 teams
  • Here's how many Super Bowl wins each team has since 1967

When the very first Super Bowl game was played in 1967 (then the "AFL-NFL World Championship Game") the Colts were in Baltimore, the Patriots were just Boston, and officials had to rely on their eyes to make calls. Facing off that year were the Packers and Chiefs, with each winning player's takeaway totaling $15,000 (which, adjusted for inflation , remains pretty close to the $124,000 the winners will each take home on Sunday. Some things never change.)

In the game, the Pack scored 21 unanswered points after halftime to win 35-10, before Vince Lombardi lifted the trophy that would later be named after him.

Since then there have been 52 Super Bowls, as the original 16-team league expanded to 32. And though you think you might know franchise dominance, recent memory makes for poor metrics. Teams from the past decade seemingly so dominant (Saints, Seahawks, Eagles) actually have only 1 franchise win, the same as historically awful teams (Buccaneers, Jets). And teams that have been terrible in recent years (Cowboys, Raiders, Redskins) have strong franchise histories with multiple Super Bowl Wins. But since the dawn of football time, the Browns have always been losers. (Though, in 1967, they recorded as many wins as Lombardi's Packer: 9. That was your year, Cleveland!)

Here's a quick breakdown ...

Most Super Bowl wins: New England Patriots (6), Pittsburgh Steelers (6)

Most Super Bowl appearances: New England Patriots (11)

Most Super Bowl losses: New England Patriots (5)

And here is everyone else ....

New England Patriots (6-5)

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)

Dallas Cowboys ( 5-3)

San Francisco 49ers (5-1)

Packers (4-1)

Giants ( 4-1)

Broncos (3-5)

Oakland / Las Vegas Raiders: (3-2)

Washington Redskins ( 3-2)

Miami Dolphins (2-3)

Indianapolis Colts (2-2)

Baltimore Ravens ( 2-0)

St. Louis / L.A. Rams (1-3)

Seattle Seahawks (1-2)

Philadelphia Eagles ( 1-2)

Kansas City Chiefs (1-1)

Chicago Bears (1-1)

New York Jets (1-0)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0)

New Orleans Saints (1-0)

Minnesota Vikings (0- 4)

Buffalo Bills (0-4)

Cincinnati Bengals (0- 2)

Atlanta Falcons (0- 2)

Carolina Panthers (0-2)

San Diego/L.A. Chargers (0- 1)

Tennessee Titans (0-1)

Arizona Cardinals (0- 1)

Detroit Lions (0-0)

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0)

Houston Texans (0-0)

Cleveland Browns (0-0)

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