In the world of viral pimple popping videos, not everything is as it seems. Case in point, this hugely popular video in the archives of Dr. Pimple Popper's YouTube account, where the dermatologist and TLC star mistakes an epidermoid cyst for a blackhead on a patient's back.

In the 2015 video, which has amassed over 33 million views, Dr. Sandra Lee, MD-aka Dr. Pimple Popper-uses her comedone extractor to drain what appears to be a very big blackhead. As she clears out its crusty contents, she discovers a sac-proof that the growth is actually an epidermoid cyst!

In the caption of the YouTube video, Lee described how the patient came to realize there was something growing on her back, and how they came to realize what it actually was:

"This patient had a pretty big 'blackhead' on her upper back which she just started to notice over the last few months. I believe its been there for much longer, but just got large enough to catch her attention. Of course, its on an area of her body she cant reach which is why it got so big. And actually, this is a cyst and not a blackhead it just had an enlarged opening which made it look more like a blackhead. The growth was larger than it appeared and had a cyst sac wall, so I had to convert the extraction into a punch removal in order to with good effort try to remove all the internal contents."

Watch the video here: