Much has been said about the big blue sex toy which FBI agent Laurie Blake pulls out of its dedicated briefcase at the end of episode three; it implied that Blake is still very much hung up on her former lover Doctor Manhattan (who is famously able to alter his, ahem, proportions, and can even split into multiple lovers), and its accompanying Esquire cover hinted at a nostalgia for the past which Blake vehemently denies in her day job as a superhero hunter.

But for Jean Smart , who plays Blake, the shiny blue phallus was just as much of a WTF moment as it was for new viewers who haven't read the original Watchmen. Speaking to Seth Meyers, Smart admitted that she wasn't familiar with the comic book prior to getting the role, and so had no prior context for understanding the significance of the prop.

"So they sent me the script after they offered me the part, and I'm reading it, I'm thinking 'this is so great, this is cool, now she's got, what is she opening, um, oh dear god, no.'"

"It's the only time I've been sort of grateful my parents are no longer with us," she added, jokingly. "Just for that minute... My mother could have dealt with it. My father, no."