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"Unfortunately, Alysse and I werent allowed to see each other publicly after filming for 5 months until the finale aired to not spoil the ending," Guadagnino tweeted in June. "Very weird situation to be put in after the finale. I struggled to keep it alive through text. Still think she's amazing. Wish her the best." Joyner responded: "If you liked me soooo much you would wanna text me, nothing that came out yo mouth made sense, sound stupid."

Just like how you blinked and missed Alysses texts - Meli (@Meli81210103) July 7, 2019

Guadagnino is the latest in a long line of daters to "ghost," or simply cease communication as a means of ending a relationship. For some, ghosting is the new normal, a perfectly reasonable way to break things off for any reason , without the awkwardness of having to have that conversation. To others, however, ghosting is inconsiderate, hurtful, and deeply frustrating, because it leaves the other party in dating purgatory.

"It's ambiguous, up to interpretation, and can leave the door open for excuses to rekindle the spark down the line," says writer and sex educator Lorrae Bradbury . "Ultimately, its a way to end the connection without having to answer about how you really feel."

"Ghosting is usually a clear indication that they are unwilling or unable to give you the closure youre seeking," she adds. "Perhaps they dont know the answers themselves, or cant communicate their feelings properly. Either way, youre unlikely to get a straight response. You might be tempted to ask about exactly what went wrong, but its best to chalk it up to incompatibility and know that a better match is out there for you."