Picture this: Youre out on your deck, enjoying a few cold ones with friends as the sun sets. It seems like a perfect summer night until youre suddenly attacked by blood-sucking, disease-ridden animals.

No, this isn't a cheesy horror flick. It's what happens every time you come into contact with mosquitoes. And the itchy bug bites are the least of your worries.

West Nile Virus, malaria, and Zika are among the many diseases you open yourself up to when skeeters attack.

Thankfully, Dan Rojas of Green Power Science has come up with an ingenious, pesticide-free way of eliminating the little bugs.

Watch Rojas describe below how he killed 8,000 mosquitoes in just two nights, and then check out what you'll need for your own set-up.

Mosquito trap DIY 8,000 mosquito kill reduce ZIKA DENGUE MALARIA MaxxAir Fan CO2

What You'll Need

  • high-powered fan
  • screen material
  • a bottle of seltzer water
  • a few rare-earth magnets
  • solution of half rubbing alcohol, half water

How It Works