Coming in for the challenge after the Queer Eye guys , Drake Bell , and Vinny and Pauly D , Dallas is seeking a distinction: to be the first one to eat every snack put in front of him-meaning he won't be answering any questions.

He tries it, and it starts out easy enough: things like lupini ("tastes like it was soaked in salty...urine") and mushroom coffee ("Yo! This is like some psychedelic thing.").

Eventually, though, it gets trickier: Roasted worm bites enter the mix. But that's no problem for Cameron. "They're actually not bad-you wanna try one?" he asks.

The final step is worrisome, and you can tell that he senses what's coming next. "If it's a tarantula or something weird..."

It's not a tarantula, but his guess isn't super off: the last snack is a Giant Waterbug. Initially, he wants nothing to do with it. "F*ck that. No!" he says. But a bit of pondering has an effect on his mood.

"If I ate this, I would be a legend," he says.

Think Cameron went through with it? Watch the clip above to find out-and subscribe to the series to see more celebrities put through the (increasingly disgusting) gauntlet.