If you're unfamiliar intermittent fasting, the concept calls for not eating for extended periods of time. Generally, many people give themselves an eight-hour window to eat and fast for 16 hours. The brothers followed this strategy.

The brothers were pretty ravenous in the beginning.

"I am so hungry I end up binging on maybe more food than I usually eat in one meal," Brandon explained in the video.

Despite the large meal, Brandon believes he didn't eat enough calories for his body to build muscle. This is because he usually felt too lethargic and full after eating a large lunch. However, he notes that this might be why some people use intermittent fasting for weight loss.

Hudson, on the other hand, wanted to lose weight and noticed some changes quickly.

I've been drinking a lot more water, and I've been eating less calories overall," he says.

So what's the final verdict? For Brandon, intermittent fasting just didn't align with his schedule or goals. Hudson gave the plan rave reviews and said the strategy helped him snack less, drink more water, and lose weight.

Of course this makes sense as there is no correct way to eat. Instead, it's best best to focus on finding a plan that works for your goals but doesn't feel punishing.