Whether money makes people happy or not remains an argument that may never have a conclusion. However, many people do believe that money can give you happiness if you

One of the best ways to derive joy from your money is to spend it on experiences that make you happy.

According to the Bucketlist, statistics has shown that people who choose to spend their money on travels, experiences and memories are happier.

This is because the experience stays with them forever and each time they remember it, it gives them a delightful memory no material item can give them. Here are five reasons investing in experiences can make you one of the happiest people on earth.

1.  Experience is priceless and can't be quantified

Investing in experience and materials can never give you the same value. Material items like phones, cars and houses come with expiration dates. Besides, the initial satisfaction you derive from these items fade away with time.

However, experiences will never lose their values. For instance, if you spend some thousands of Naira travelling around some cities, you'll surely be loaded with an experience you'll never forget.

You'll probably not forget a night you spend with a friend at the beach, cinemas and at places of historical importance. You can always go back to that moment and conjure up pleasant feelings.

2. Experience gives you a different worldview

There is probably no better way to learn about other peoples' worldviews than travelling. Travelling allows you to experience other cultures and know about their ways of life. No other things you can spend money on that can give you this beautiful memories and experiences that lit up your face with smiles each time you remember it.

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3.  Experiences are unforgettable and joyful memories

The main reason some people invest in experiences is due to the joyful memories it gives them. Look at it this way, remember the day you sit all alone, reminiscing on the about the fun moments you shared with your friends.

As this moments cross your mind, you smile and thought of reliving that experience again. That is the kind of everlasting happiness investing in experience gives you.

4. Experience is fun and exciting

Another reason why people continue to invest in experience is due to the excitement they derive from it, apart from the fact that it exposes them to a new world.

Road trips, mountain climbing,  water surfing, travelling are very exciting experiences nobody can get tired of, because no matter how many times you do it, it gets new and exciting.

5. Experiences teach you life lessons

Have you heard people say experience is the best teacher?  Yea, this is very true because experiences can teach you knowledge and life lessons you may never get anywhere else.

For instance, travelling to places teaches you about tolerance, acceptance and understanding. Attending a festival or carnival in another in another country will prompt you to appreciate other cultures better.