6 ways to make extra money aside your regular income

Here are some ways to you can make an extra income while you still work your regular 8-5 job.

Everybody has been looking out for other avenues to earn some extra money in order to survive in Ghana.

Here are some ways to you can make an extra income while you still work your regular job.

• Ask for a raise

Why don’t you start by asking for a raise? According to compensation data company PayScale, 75 percent of workers who negotiate their salaries get pay raises. However, less than half of workers have asked for raises.

• Investment

You can invest in treasury bills, bonds and shares. You must access your long-term financial goals and the degree of risks before purchasing any investment instrument. You can speak to an investment adviser or officer who can help you choose the best policy which will give you the best returns.

• Entrepreneurship

Start your own side business. You can do that business after you close from your regular job or on weekends. Some businesses that can be done include retailing, photography, sewing, graphic designing, starting a food business etc.

• Saving

Instead of spending before saving the left over, do the vice versa. Save first and spend what is left. You can have a separate account for saving only where you issue a standing order so you do not even touch the money at all. Also check interest rates before saving with a bank.

• Spend less than you receive

We all agree that sometimes we spend on items we do not need or use our salaries unwisely especially in the first week we receive it. Budget your spending so that you know how much you are using, remember to save before you start spending.

• Start a blog

If you like writing start a blog. You can write on anything that you are interested in. Use Google Adsense on your blog and you will earn some money.


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