How to save loose change using piggy bank

Tired of spending your loose change on junks? Try save the change in a piggy bank and see how much you'll get in six months.

Traditionally, a piggy bank is a container, where money is kept. It is a good and simple way of saving.

It's 2018  and saving money in a piggy bank might not be a popular idea. However, as a money saving tool, a piggy bank can prevent you from spending all loose change you spend on snacks and junk stuff.

Here's how you can use a piggy bank to save your loose change.

1. If you find saving difficult, or you’re inclined to spend your loose change then save money in a piggy bank.

2. Don't empty your piggy bank. Let it grow heavy before breaking it. The heavier it is the better for you.

3. Save your loose change in the money box or piggy bank for six months and see how much you would have spent on junks in a period of six months.

4. Place a specific goal on the savings in your piggy bank. For instance, you can decide to spend the savings to buy something you genuinely need.

5. Don’t set yourself a monetary limit of what goes into the piggy bank.


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