Most ladies, out of frustration condone guys who are out to milk them dry. They think it is love, or that the guy is disadvantaged.

Some can play it smart and cool at first, till they find out you are emotionally insecure and can pay the bills.

1. Here are some signs that will help you discover if he is unto you for the cash only.

2. He never pays for anything.

3. He is always in debt and wants you to bail him out.

4. He gets angry when you do not give him money.

5. Uses your marriage and your love for him, as a bargaining tool.

6. He always comes up with big business ideas that end up failing.

7. He wants to control your finances and know you ATM pin.

8. He wants to know your businesses.

9. He always lives beyond his means.

10. He always begs you for money to entertain his guys.