It’s always hard to believe that your wedding is over after stressful months of preparation.

All successful weddings always have five things in common. The bride’s stunning dresses, set up, food, photography and wedding favour.

Wedding favours are gift items that newlyweds give to their wedding guests to remember the festivities by.

Here are 10 wedding favours that your guests will use.

  • Candles

Nothing talks about romance more than candles. Gifting your wedding guest scented candles will surely impress them and spice up their relationship.

  • Vases

To ensure that your wedding guests send an actual part of your big home, give a vase filled with same flowers that used for the decoration. This is a priceless gift that they will cherish forever.

  • Artwork

There is no better way to contribute to the beautification of your guests’ home than gifting them an artwork. With the help of an artist create a myriad of colourful scenes for each guest. 

  • Bottles of wine

Cheers to blissful married life. A smart way to appreciate all the wedding guests is by giving them a bottle of the wine that was shared at the reception. Wrap bottles in material or bag with a thank you note inside.

  • Jar

Perfect for holding snacks, cotton balls, or tea bags, these cute jars are a practical keepsake.

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses are must-have fashion accessories. These sleek sunnies work for both men and women and will protect their eyes during and after the ceremony.

  • Throw blankets

Netflix and chill. Throw blankets keep your loved ones warm and look great on their couches at home.

  • Mugs

Big mugs emblazoned with you and your spouse's names, make cute and on-theme gifts.

  • Bottle openers

There is always something to grateful for which calls for celebration. There is a good chance your guests will use bottle openers every week, which means they'll think of your nuptials each time they crack open a cold one.

  • Picture Frames

Make sure to get one of the best photographers in town to take good snaps of each of your guest and frame it for them. Deliver to their homes after your memorable honeymoon. It will be reminded of how much you appreciate their time and support during their nuptials.