15 people talk about the craziest thing they’ve done for love

Love makes you happy, hopeful, grateful, inspired and even changes your life.

15 people talk about the craziest thing they’ve done for love

Having such strong feelings about another person may shake you to your core. It makes you re-evaluate your beliefs and then you learn what it means to really care about someone.

Everything you believe, everything you stand for, suddenly disappear and you find a whole new world opened up for you.

Intense, passionate feelings of love really can mess with your mind and body—from affecting the way you talk to the way you walk.

Have you ever sat done to analyse all the crazy things you have done or still doing all in the name of love?


While the pressure is on, Pulse Ghana asked people to tell us "the craziest thing they've ever done for love," and the responses are mind-blowing.

Check responses below:

"When you're in love, insults sound like birthday wishes," @Arizona Arii Bobo

"I was in my final semester in college. She said she needs some amount of money so I decided to use three months to raise the money. Every month I'll give some so by three months I would have finished giving her the money. The moment the last amount was sent to her that's was the end. She blocked me. I couldn't reach her. I tried using a roommate's phone but upon hearing my voice she'll hang up. Awurade nkoaa na ɛnim deɛ ɛtoo me saa bosome no mu," @Ntori Emmanuel


"I once gave my school fees to my girlfriend and lied to my dad I lost it, oh God forgive me, herrrh love, hmmmm," @Job Poadi Bibom.

"She was a sports girl very strong indeed I kept chasing her because I fall basaa one day she told me if I can go for pushups to 50 then I'm qualified to be his man I told her to give me two weeks I will shock her s3 Koko kraa I started hitting the gym after a week I told her I'm ready just because of de love I've for her eii oboy I don't know what happened I got to 49 I can't push down or push up my hands were shaking I was in de never give up spirit she kept starring me chale I finally gave up thinking she will consider she was like "masa WA failing p)t))" oh yawa Herh some girls erh God see you," @Versatile Dela Kemavor

"Took out my sim and handed over my only and only phone to her to use. Magyime oo," @Mohammed Luther

"I carried a full gallon of Viking cooking oil for her to her auntie's place only to find out it's her crash mum. And they were going to use the oil for the guy's birthday party. Ei, I cried the whole day. The way I was changing the load from shoulder to shoulder eh...” @Efo Koku

"She chopped her school fees which was 43gh then so she asked me to help her pay it so I went to her house to give her the money. It was Saturday and a market day so her mom and sisters weren't around... lo and behold the moment I reached their doorstep I heard my girlfriend telling her boyfriend that Jon boy bi is owing her 43gh and is going to bring it today so she can take him out and buy him kelewele and a TOP CREATION round neck t-shirt... I say eh...I kissed money and went back home," @Andrews Blaq.


"Her hair was turning red, and I thought yomo will be a perfect birthday gift. Apparently, she didn't like it," @Kwame Ahinkorah.

"Stole my mum’s 30ghc and rented a guest house so I could spend time with him for just 1 hour," @Eirene Abynah Adzoda.

"I was very young right after SHS. This my small girl was leaving me for a university guy n I tried my best to please her not to leave. She called me one night that she was hungry n wanted fried rice from a particular joint at Rex (Sunyani). It was very late n no care for me I had to borrows a neighbours bicycle n rush to town from New Dormaa to get it for her. The following morning I saw her and the guy going, meaning she did not sleep home. That was when I stopped doing area girls cos the heartache alone can kill. If I had died from the way I rode the bike it would have died for nothing," @Owusu Munufie Quabena.

"Making a late-night call with her whiles I had history WASSCE paper the next morning.......I ended up writing NovDec. She cheated on me after getting admission to nursing... Never in my next life... Mcteew," @Dheyjuzkalmi Bhra Bryt.

"It rained one night around 11:30pm and she called me that she was hungry so she wanted tea.


I quickly woke up and boiled the water and fried eggs and walked through the mud with my barefoot to her house, sat down for her to finish the tea and bring my teacup back. The following morning I saw her on a guy’s bike bring her home, meaning she didn't sleep home yesterday when I left with my teacup.

She consumed my tea, got extra energy and went to the guy.

That was when I stopped doing area girls sekof the heartache alone can kill," @Nuhu Mohammed Huzaif Tiyumba.

"So she said she needed airtime. Oboy too wasn't working, had to sneak into my poor grandma's room n steal her money. The following morning I had to lie about it and push the blame on one small boy bi in our house. The way dem beat am. It ended in tears mpo. Tweeeaaa to relationship. Abena ony3 sorrrrmi," @Eric Christo Asamoah

"The guy was in Pretech class and l was home Econs but l change my course to pre-tech because of love," @Queen BerryGh.


"I sold my father’s land to pay her school fees and till now I am still a prodigal son," @Nii Kpakpo.


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