4 awesome sex positions for morning sex

Start your day right with a steamy early morning sex.

Pulse Ghana Couple



It's the male version of cowgirl. He crouches on top of you with his legs folded underneath. It's an easy way to shake up your morning.


It's like cuddling with an extra bonus. Wrap your legs around him when he's in missionary, as explained in Self. It's a simple way to really spice things up.


This sex position is also great for  couples who wants for rekindle their love. As explained in Fitness, scissors is a low-stress position that can be very gentle. It's the perfect way to kick off your day.

Girl on top

If you'd like to orgasm and still make it to work on time, then this position is perfection. As noted in Thrillist, you get to set the pace, depth, and speed. It's a great go-to if you have to beat the clock.


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