4 common habits of couples who have great sex

Sex is a pleasurable and wonderful experience to share with a partner.

Black couple in love

Sex is beneficial to both men and women and experts suggest that to receive benefits from sex, you should be having sex at least once or twice a week. If not the day or night, just try morning sex.

Romance, intimacy, and having good sex are important aspects of the relationship, but often, they are known to fade with time.

Some couples having great sex or seeming to be completely wild over each other after years in the relationship know the key to spice it up while others fizzle after the honeymoon phase.

So, just what are the tricks for keeping things fresh and frisky in the bedroom with your partner? read on to find out:

  • They are affectionate even outside the bedroom

Romance doesn’t start in the bedroom. It should play a part in your everyday lives, no matter what you have planned for later.

Feeling a strong attraction to your partner during the day, receiving little kisses, cuddles, and sexy compliments, and feeling generally seen, wanted, and supported by your partner can go a long way to setting up a great time in the bedroom.

You don’t have to go overboard to make this work. For couples having great sex, just a simple compliment, a lingering kiss before heading off to work, holding their hand while walking, or cuddling up for their favourite show can make them feel closer and more connected with you to set the scene of romance.

  • They put in the work to keep things fresh

Couples having great sex no matter how long they have been together put in the work. Humans like excitement, nuances, new situations, and even imagination in the bedroom.

So, you both have to be on board to constantly revamp, update, and explore.

  • They function as a team in everyday life

Couples having great sex feel like they have an awesome teammate, even outside the bedroom.

Splitting chores fairly, encouraging each other, being a good listener, and approaching problems as a team can improve your sexual habits and make you both feel ready to happily hop into bed for some romance at the end of the day.

  • They know the importance of taking care of themselves

Staying healthy and feeling good about your body isn’t all about looks. When you feel confident about yourself, you can have a better time in bed, and that enhances things for your partner, too.

Keeping up with your general health by exercising and eating right can also help prevent issues in the bedroom like getting out of breath, not having a lot of stamina, not having the strength to try certain positions, or even erectile dysfunction.

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