5 core values that guarantee the happiest relationships

When two people share mutual feelings of love and enter a relationship, the feeling is amazing especially when it is new.

5 core values that guarantee the happiest relationships

As the years pass, a relationship it gets shaken by many problems and sadly ends.

But this won’t happen when both of you are committed to making your relationship work.

Here are five core values that guarantee the happiest relationships:

1. Communication

Communication is simply how we talk to one another. As a relationship breaks down, the first to go is communication.

Conflict will happen, it’s inevitable. But the conflict doesn’t have to get ugly and messy or make us speak in negative ways towards our partners. If the communication is breaking down, take a break and come back to the conversation.

2. Respect

Respect is the feeling of admiration for someone and honouring/recognising them for who they are, what they have achieved, or what they are capable of.

Just as our need for self-respect is important to us individually, our partner’s need for respect is equally as important. This is done by recognising and having consideration for our partner’s feelings and needs.

3. Vulnerability

Vulnerability in a relationship is showing up and being present, willingly.

Vulnerability puts you at risk for rejection, but it also means that you recognise that value of your partner and the relationship – because vulnerability means that you are honouring your relationship with the most real and most raw version of yourself.

4. Companionship

Companionship is essential for being your partner’s friend. It’s built from friendship and grown by affection, connection, and fellowship, or quality time.

It is necessary to foster a healthy sense of romance and affection with your partner. It’s hard to be romantic or sexually attracted to someone you don’t even like that much.

5. Commitment

Commitment means being dedicated and devoted to one another. People want to know that they matter in their relationships and this is demonstrated by prioritising our partners.

Making your partner a priority means that they come before anyone else and they are your primary concern.


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