Shopping for men involving a lot of brainstorming. What are his taste and preference? Does he prefer Samsung to iPhone or X box to Play station? Shopping for men is extremely hard and it gets worse when it comes to your dad. 

It’s really not cool to buy a towel for the special man in your life. You can do better. 

This year’s father’s day falls on Sunday, June 16 and here are lovely gifts you can buy for the men in your life. You can include a nice card and write a touching message on it.

  • A pouch 

Keep all your important documents like driving license, passport or complimentary cards and gadgets (phone, power bank) organised in a pouch when you attend formal or semi-formal events. 

  • A kente fabric

If you don’t want him to wear the same kente to all family events or every wedding in town, get him a kente fabric this father’s day. Obviously, he can afford it but he doesn’t see it as a necessity. Don’t forget to add native sandals to match with the kente. Keep his fashion sense in check from time to time.

  • Sportswear

Motivate your daddy to adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise regularly to stay fit and also boost their stamina. Exercise keeps them active in bed to promote a healthy relationship.

  • Books

Reading is good for everybody. Gift him different types of books from motivational, recipe books, spiritual and intriguing fiction books to boost his mood on a boring day.

  • Wrist Watch

Buying a wristwatch is a thoughtful gift that your father would actually love and wear to important occasions. Whenever he wears it, he would recall the sweet memories he shared with you and how proud you have made me among his friends.