5 guidelines to a 'Fruitful First Time'

You should know this before you break your virginity guys.

5 guidelines to a 'Fruitful First Time'

If you are going to have sex before marriage, you might as well prepare, right?

While we’d like to live in the normative world where millennials are waiting until marriage to have sex, we live in a world where we have sex because we can and it feels good.

This isn’t to say it is right or wrong, just that it is happening.

I think if young people are going to have sex, they might as well do it the ‘right’ way (bearing in mind that for some the right way is marriage, but in this case, I mean the ‘right’ way outside of marriage. Don’t judge)

If our boys are going to break our girls, they might as well do it the right way don’t you think and vice versa for the girls breaking our boys? But this is for the boys mostly.

Yes, a guideline to having sex for the first time.

If you did English Literature as a core or elective, then you know setting is the place and time of an event. Basically, guys, choose wisely.

A messed up room, dirty bedsheet or poor ventilation is not choosing wisely.

Remember it shouldn't be in if it is not on (90’s kids can relate). It’s always wise to play it safe, use condoms, not only will they help prevent pregnancy and STDs, if it’s your first time, condoms may also help you last longer.

Remember better safe than sorry.

No one ever died from “too much” foreplay.

Take your time, take it slow. Kiss, dry hump, give oral if you can. Build momentum before the actual intercourse. 

If you rush you will crash, and you really do not want to crash.

You may have heard this countless number of times but REAL LIFE SEX IS NOT THE SAME AS PORN SEX (it’s all in caps so you get the point). She’s probably not going to start moaning as soon as you go down on her. She’d probably be so dry the friction would hurt you (see why condoms help).

Manage your expectations, and if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again another time.

You don’t want the first impression of your penis to be ‘eew’. Keep the pillar and the stones clean and tidy. Wash your penis with warm water and mild soap, especially before the act, and shave, it will put your penis in the best possible light.

Dress how you want to be addressed.

There you have it boys and girls, (mostly boys).


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