Love is a beautiful thing and even some of our favourites celebrities can’t hide their relationship from the prying eyes of the public.

What would make your lover resist all temptations of posting you on their social media platforms especially when you share beautiful memories?

Well, if you are facing such situations in your relationship, read this article and confront your partner about it.

  • She is a player

Some women have multiple partners just for financial support. The more partners they have, the fat their bank balance.

After being cheated on in previous relationships, some girls just can’t wait for Karma to do what it does well; seek revenge for them. They decide to have to take matters into their own hands, date multiple partners.

  • She is not ready for marriage

To some women, marriage is not an achievement. Marriage is a long journey that requires total commitment and sacrifice. People flaunt their partners when they are ready and certain that their relationship will work.

The society begins to judge your character when you date two or more men within a period. Some people didn’t decide to keep their relationship secret until they are ready.

  • Ethic difference

Some families don’t accept a marriage proposal from certain tribes. If you found yourself dating a man from an ‘enemy tribe’, you can’t make your relationship public because the probability of your family finding out is very high due to social media.

  • Not handsome but good in bed

Sex plays an important role in every relationship but sometimes, sex is not a good enough reason to marry.

A woman must be confident enough to introduce you to her friends and family, sit back and relax while they shower compliments about his man. Physical appearance counts greatly. 

  • You are not fashionable

You don’t have to empty your bank to look fashionable but you have to be presentable and steal attention whenever you step out.

In this world of social media, every woman wants a guy she can hang out with and update her social media with nice photos. If you don’t invest in your looks or groom regularly, she will always meet you indoors.