5 romantic things couples can do in this weather

'The weather has brought itself'.

Truth or Dare

Are you facing issues in your relationship? Have you lost the spark in your relationship? ‘The weather has brought itself’.

Get sexy lingerie and sex toys for your wife or yourself to a thrilling experience this weekend. All it takes is an all-night of quality sex win over your man or woman. Here are 5 creative ways to strengthen the bond this week.

  • Spontaneous sex

Keep your sex life exciting. Sex improves the bond between a couple after having a heated argument. Stick to your work schedule but don’t set strict rules about where and when to have sex, what sex position and who is playing the dominant role. There are numerous ways to turn your partner on especially in this chilly weather. 

  • Read about health and sex guide

Communication is key in every relationship. If you’re not satisfying your partner, its high time you read more about their sexual fantasies and step up your game tonight.

  • Watch romantic movies

Netflix and chill is the new norm. Stock your fridge with some drinks and get your small chops ready. Don’t forget the dipping sauce.

  • True or dare

Be romantically creative. Sometimes, staying indoors can be more fun and adventurous. Task your partner to do things that will lead to the bedroom.

  • Cook

Have you and your partner cooked completely naked before? Try it this weekend and share your review with us. 

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