It is totally understandable to feel entirely pressured to prove your love to your partner in the most spectacular way this Val's day. Thoughts of lavish gifts, luxurious vacations and many more come in mind. But please, halt these thoughts if you are hard up fellas. That is a dream only for the rich! Just saying 'lol'.

things broke guys shouldn't do this Val's day
things broke guys shouldn't do this Val's day brings you 5 things broke Ghanaian guys shouldn't do this Valentine's Day.

1.Don't make promises

Cut your coat accord to your size fellas! if you can't walk the talk, keep mute. Broken vows are like broken mirrors. They leave those who held to them bleeding and staring at fractured images of themselves. Keep it real and just be hopeful for a bank miracle until then, desist from the iphone,Dubai and shopping promises because we all know you, yes you, i mean you brother, you can't afford it.Sorry.

things to desist from this Vals day
things to desist from this Vals day

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2.Don't borrow

This one is the cracker. Val's day is a one day event just like any other day. Why bring upon yourself a great debt afterwards? Ever heard the saying " borrowing is the canker and death of every man's estate"? Never spend anything before thou have it. Guys, what happens next after borrowing 500 cedis to impress her on a plush date? You only come back with a debt starring at your face.

3.Don't show off

things broke guys shouldn't do this val's day
things broke guys shouldn't do this val's day

Keep it real folks. It is very important. If your date or partner understands you and knows that your state is only a phase. Don't go lengths trying to give all you have in this pathetic broke state to let her know you love her. Interestingly, it is the little things we do for our partners in a relationships that makes us love them more.Like saying "I love You" or "Come here baby, let me touch your toes". Songstress Efya has a whole song on that.

4.Don't ignore her

Most broke guys would sigh to this one. It is totally understandable.Thoughts of switching off your phone or coming up with a lie as an excuse not see her just sou you don't feel pressured to spend might have popped up in your head. But switch that thought. Open up to her about your state and prove your love for her by being around her that special day.It is enough to let her know how much you love.

5.Don't be jealous

things to desist from this Vals day
things to desist from this Vals day

Hard truth fellas, if you are broke, you just don't own rights to jealousy. lol. That is just on a lighter not but know you definitely not the only one that would love to express your love and admiration for her through gifts and all,others will too. But it is a bit human to feel jealous especially when you know you can't afford to do same. How about enjoying the gifts she gets from others with her instead of getting mad over it. That could be cute too.